About Us

Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba are both researchers, authors and public speakers. Over the years, they have crossed paths at several different conferences and seminars. One day, while at the Branson Prophecy Summit, Doug and Rob debated each other on Derek Gilbert's radio show, A View From the Bunker. They each passionately defended their positions, but did so in love. The mutual respect and sincere desire for truth shared by both men eventually led to the creation of this program. 

It is their hope that in the spirit of love, we can act as iron sharpens iron and all grow in our faith and walk with Christ through a study of the Scriptures. Many times the program will just consist of Doug and Rob talking about various subjects. Other times, they will have guests on the program to talk about different topics. Whatever the case may be, the goal will be to come and reason together on a quest for truth.