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Quest4Truth Episode 28

posted May 31, 2016, 6:08 PM by Rob Skiba

In this episode, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba pick up where they left off in Revelation 8, finishing that chapter off with discussions concerning Wormwood and more.

Quest4Truth Episode 27

posted Mar 20, 2015, 10:53 AM by Rob Skiba

In this episode, Rob and Doug pick up where they left of in Revelation chapter 7. They discuss whether or not this chapter has anything that can be considered a reference to the Rapture. Toward the end, they also discussed a number of verses from Revelation chapter 8, regarding the Trumpets and whether or not the 1st Trumpet may actually start the Seven Year Tribulation Period (according to Ezekiel).

Quest4Truth Episode 26

posted Mar 19, 2015, 9:17 PM by Rob Skiba

Hey everyone! We know it's been a longggg time since our last episode. Just wanted you to know, we're still here. In this episode, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba dive into Revelation chapter 7 and discuss who the 144,000 are and what they believe their purpose is.

Q4T Virtual Conference Archives

posted Mar 19, 2015, 7:28 PM by Rob Skiba   [ updated Mar 19, 2015, 10:47 PM ]

Did you miss our first virtual conference back in November of 2014? No problem. The whole thing has been archived and is available for just $29.95! You can watch all 18.5 hours worth of great content for one low cost or you can watch whichever ones you want to a la carte. Just click on the image below and you'll be on your way to some really amazing teachings by 8 wonderful speakers!

Here are the topics that were discussed and by whom:

  • John McTernan: The 666 Surveillance System, Singularity and the Image of the Beast
  • Derek Gilbert: Judgement at the House of God: Joel's Army and the Coming War in the Church
  • Daniel Duval: The Kingdom and the End of the Age
  • Doug Hamp: The Angelic Domain and the Fall of Satan
  • Freeman Fly: The Dark Side of Occult Symbols and the Mark of the Beast
  • Sharon Gilbert: Thanatos and Therion: The Little Beasts of Revelation 6
  • Doc Marquis: Revelations of the Apocalypse
  • Rob Skiba: The Yahuwah Triangle: A Great Pyramid, Babylon and the Commandments of Eden
  • Plus 2 Round Table Discussions and more!
Vew the on-line streaming archive at:

Quest4Truth Episode 25 - SE

posted Aug 29, 2014, 12:07 PM by Rob Skiba

This was our first live Q & A session with an audience. It features Douglas Hamp, S. Douglas Woodward and Rob Skiba fielding questions from those who attended the Back to the Future conference in Austin, TX on July 25 & 26.

Quest4Truth Episode 24

posted Aug 10, 2014, 9:43 PM by Rob Skiba

In this episode of Quest4Truth, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba finish the last few verses of Revelation chapter 6. When does the "new Heaven and the new Earth" happen? Before or after the Millennium. In this episode, Doug makes a very compelling case for when he believes it happens... and Rob agrees. What about the time of Jacob's Trouble? How long is it? 3.5 years, 7 years or 20 years? How many times do all the mountains and islands quake and fall away? And what does all this have to do with the Japanese earthquake/tsunami of 2011, the Earth's magnetosphere, Star Wars, Aldaraan, force fields and Star Trek? LOL! Find out in this exciting episode of Quest4Truth!

Quest4Truth Episode 23

posted Aug 10, 2014, 9:42 PM by Rob Skiba

In this episode, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba continue their dialogue concerning Revelation 6. What do "Kung Fun Panda," Singularity and ABC's Family show, "Fallen" have to do with this chapter? Find out in this extended version of Quest4Truth, which deals with the souls under the altar... or the "Heavenly hard-drive."

Quest4Truth Episode 22

posted Jul 15, 2014, 11:28 PM by Rob Skiba

In this episode, Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba pick up where they left off in Revelation 6, addressing the Red, Black and Green/Grey Horses of the Apocalypse. They cover a lot of ground in this episode, covering everything from Communism to the Federal Reserve, Iraqi Dinar, Republicans, Democrats and the return of the Nephilim. Get ready for a wild ride...

Quest4Truth Episode 21

posted Jul 15, 2014, 11:27 PM by Rob Skiba   [ updated Jul 15, 2014, 11:28 PM ]

In this episode of Quest4Truth (sporting the new Q4T logo), Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba continue with their study of the book of Revelation, beginning with the first two verses of Chapter 6. Who is the rider on the White Horse? What's the deal with the 7 Seals? How do they work? How should we study Revelation? As a linear book or non-linear? Does the scroll open up a little more with each broken seal or do you have to remove all 7 seals first in order to open it? These issues and more are examined in this episode of Quest4Truth.

Quest4Truth Episode 20 SE

posted Jun 19, 2014, 4:40 PM by Rob Skiba   [ updated Jun 19, 2014, 4:42 PM ]

This is a Special Edition, longer episode of Quest4Truth. In this one, we announce our plans for an expanded vision for the Q4T brand. In the second hour, we also try something new, opening up the phone lines through Rob's BlogTalk Revolutionary Radio show to hear from you. In that Q & A session, we were joined with Doug Woodward, who is now playing a major role in the bigger vision for Quest4Truth. Stay tuned for more exciting news as we develop the plans currently in the works to take the show on the road.

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